Q: What should I bring to the trip? 

A: We organize all the food for the trip duration. However, you will bring your own water (camels carry it). If you want you can bring your own sleeping bag (we do provide blankets).

Q: What should I wear?

A: Loose clothing with long sleeves are the best option. It may be a good idea to get yourself a turban, we can help you with finding and learning how to tie it.

Wear comfortable walking sandals.

Q: Is the Sahara tour family friendly? Can I take a Sahara tour with my kids?

A: During the winter month (September to February) the children of age 5 would be ok for a tour with the camel.

During the summer month, the temperature is too hot for kids and a camel tour would not be advisable. We can, however, arrange a trip by jeep (4×4) to reach the dunes and stay there for a night.

Q: How to protect my skin from the sun and wind? How strong SPF should I bring?

A: Bring the strongest SPF you find (50+ for summer) and wear long clothing to avoid sunburns. You can purchase a traditional turban from a local shop and have your tour guide teach you how to use it. It helps to have protective glasses (or even dark sunglasses) to protect your eyes from the bright sun and sand.

Q: Do I ride a camel or walk next to it?

A: You can do both. Camels carry all the packs and depending on the group size you either can have your own camel or take turns riding.

Q: Is it safe to bring my electronics like phone, camera, etc. or will the Sahara sand destroy them?

A: Sand can be harmful to more gentle electronics like laptops and cameras. Most cell phones are ok (your guide have a phone with them to be able to call for help if need to be).
Its good idea to avoid changing lenses on a camera while out in the desert and carry a brush to remove sand. Don’t bring your laptop if you can avoid it. There is no internet in the desert anyway.

Q: Where do I go to the toilet?

A: We have a toilet paper. You can walk behind the dune to be away from the group, we give you a shovel. You dig a small hole, your thing, and bury the “evidence”.

Q: How do I wash myself during the multi-day tour?

A: With a dry desert air the need for washing is less than you likely expect it to be. You would not have a shower in the desert but camels carry some water that can be used for washing. However, it’s a good idea to be economical to lessen the environmental impact. You can bring some moist napkins for a personal hygiene but it’s good to collect used napkins into a small plastic bag and bring them back.

Q: Will there be snakes, scorpions or any other dangerous wildlife?

A: You don’t need to worry about snakes or scorpions. The experienced guide will select a safe pass and help you to avoid such dangers.

The best way to meet the desert. Hassan shared with us stories of the life in the desert, we sang, we danced, we cooked together, we laughed and we didn’t know when the time passed.

Henry from Germany, October 2018

If you are looking for a safe, enjoyable and authentic desert experience, this is for you. Hassan was very authentic and it never felt like a fake touristy experience. I hope to return to his camp one day!

Shannon, March 2018



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